Best Flare Leggings for Any Occasion

By Frank Mitchell  •  On 13 Jun 2023

This essential piece of activewear, also known as yoga pants or flared leggings, is back. Material, silhouette, and sizing upgrades have elevated these workout pants to an all-day necessity, allowing many of us to wear them from yoga classes to errands, lunch dates, travel days, and beyond.

Slowly but surely, the best flare leggings have made a comeback: in casual street style, in celebrity outfits for grabbing a green juice at Erewhon, and in social media styling videos. Trends can sometimes be used to derive meaning. The depth of the best flare leggings is not particularly great. Wide legs, like denim, are currently fashionable. Flare leggings, like UGG boots and butterfly clips, are a fashion relic from the early 2000s that has resurfaced.

Beautiful and Best Flare Leggings For Any Event

Following are some of the best flare leggings for any occasion:

Lululemon Groove High Rise Split Hem Flared Pant

Best Flare Leggings
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This is one of the best flare leggings. Lululemon's top-tier leggings meet all of the most important criteria for a pair of flares. A blend of Nylon and Lycra makes them soft and comfortable without sacrificing opacity or fit. 

They are durable and have a back pocket large enough to store a phone, credit card, or house key while running errands. This pair of flares fit so well that you won't need to pull them up or notice any roll-down throughout your busy day. 

CopyLeaf Flare Yoga Pants

Best Flare Leggings
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Contrary to the majority of the products on this list, this option from Copyleaf on Amazon is inexpensive without sacrificing quality. With a V-shaped, high-rise waistband, these leggings minimize the appearance of a muffin top, even when you are full. There is no issue with their opaqueness. When you squat or bend over, you cannot see through them, but they are not so thick that you will overheat.

We'd go so far as to say that the leggings have gotten better with age. The only drawback is that they appear to attract hair and lint, especially in darker colors. This is one of the best flare leggings you can choose for an event

Afitne Yoga Pants

Best Flare Leggings
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Among the thousands of flare leggings on Amazon, AFITNE's flare leggings are the highest-rated (4.5/5 stars after over 6,000 reviews). They are squat-resistant for working out and have two concealed pockets for carrying cards or keys while out and about. One reviewer states, "They are perfect!" I required an extra pair. They are lightweight and stylish enough for public wear."

SuperFit Hero Pocket Flare Leggings

Best Flare Leggings
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What is the most appealing feature of these leggings? They are completely opaque. We had complete coverage whether we were squatting, stretching, or holding them up to the sun. Because of its thickness and durability, the fabric never showed signs of wear and tear even after vigorous exercise and multiple washings. Furthermore, the sweat-wicking material did not retain odor, keeping the wearer relatively fresh during a workout. 

You can wear them while working from home or running errands in the neighborhood as loungewear. We observed that these leggings are a bit short around the ankles for anyone over five feet four inches tall. With a 30-inch flared inseam, these are undoubtedly designed for shorter women.

Carbon38 Split Bootcut Legging

Best Flare Leggings
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You can try out the trend with this classic pair of black-flared leggings if you're still not sure. They have a high waist and a split at the ankle,which isn't expected. They are made of a super-soft, slightly compressive fabric that is good for both an exercise class and a day of running errands. With a chunky sweater or silky top, you could even wear these to dinner.

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Make The Cut Split Ankle Pant

Best Flare Leggings
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These leggings are machine washable and dryable, in addition to being soft and comfortable. Despite being washed several times and worn on walks, while working from home, and to yoga class, these have kept their original shape and look brand new. 

There was no pilling, elasticity loss, or frayed seams. We wouldn't recommend them for an intense sweaty workout because the material is thicker and warmer; however, they are ideal for yoga, walking, traveling, and daily use.

Uniqlo AIRism Soft Flare Leggings

Best Flare Leggings
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The AIRism soft flare legging from Uniqlo is the epitome of loungewear. This is why we choose this in the best flare leggings list. We found ourselves reaching for this pair of spandex and recycled polyester leggings frequently. We were especially impressed by how well these leggings maintained their shape after multiple washes and wears, without shrinking. 

We did observe some pilling and minor thread pulls, however. These leggings find the perfect balance between comfort and compression, so you feel supported but not suffocated.


If you want a pair of high-quality and best flare leggings, the Lululemon Groove High-Rise Split-Hem Flared Pant Nulu is an excellent choice. This fan-favorite option is designed for a nomadic lifestyle, whatever that may mean to you. 

The fabric is buttery soft and weightless, but the waist's high rise provides support. The Copyleaf Flare Yoga Pants are a pair of crossover high-waistedbootcut leggings that are available for less than $20 and accentuate the entire lower half of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are flare leggings still trending?

The year 2023 demonstrates that fashion trends come and go. This year's fashion seems to be a revival of popular 1960s and 1970s clothing, such as flared pants. One of the most popular fashion trends is leggings with a bootcut or bell-shaped bottom.

When were flare leggings most popular?

Sonny and Cher popularized flares in the mid-60s. Soon, everyone was sewing extra sections into their straight-legged trousers to make flares.

How do you look good in flared leggings?

Flared pants or skirts can be dressed up or down and worn with almost anything outside of the gym. During the colder months, flared leggings can be worn casually with a knit sweater or an oversized sweatshirt. Wear a crop top or T-shirt to keep things easy-going.

Do flare leggings look good on big thighs?

If you emphasize a high waist, your upper body will appear longer overall. The Fit & Flare silhouette, in addition to enhancing your figure, conceals larger thighs by fitting closely around the upper body and falling loosely below the waist.

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