Simple Tricks To Achieve The Kylie Jenner Makeup Glow

By Marissa Clark  •  On 23 Jun 2023

Kylie Jenner has become one of the most admired beauty experts in the world. She has assisted countless women across the globe with her extraordinary beauty advice and makeup expertise. This beauty entrepreneur has more than 395 million Instagram followers and is here to stay. If you're looking for Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials to inspire your next beauty look, you've come to the right place.

The official Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial has arrived after years of watching dozens of YouTubers recreate her look. The CEO of Kylie Cosmetics revealed her current makeup routine in a video for Vogue's Beauty Secrets series. As one would expect from the Instagram makeup queen, she shared a wealth of useful tips that we can't wait to try. 

Do you want to know Kylie Jenner's makeup and beauty secrets? Have you ever marveled at Kylie Jenner's flawless no-makeup selfie? We have the answers to your makeup questions, beauty tips for glowing skin, and favorite beauty products.

Easy Kylie Jenner Makeup Trick For a Superstar Glam

Do Your Eyes Before You Start On Your Base

Because eyeshadow and eyeliner can get on the cheeks when the foundation is being put on, Kylie finishes her eye makeup before putting on the foundation. This is because it can be very annoying to have to fix mistakes made when putting on a foundation. Kylie does her eye makeup from start to finish, then wipes off any extra product with a face wipe and puts on foundation and contouring.

Mix Liquid Highlighter Into Your Foundation Or Use Highlighter Before Foundation

In the video, Kylie gave her skin a natural glow by combining one pump of the Marc Jacobs Dewy Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Fantasy with her foundation. Any matte foundation can be made to look less obvious and more dewy by employing this ingenious trick.

You can fake it until you make it with Kylie Jenner's makeup tips. Kylie says that highlighter should go on before the foundation, not after.

This new order will make it less obvious that you are wearing fake makeup and give your skin a natural glow. The makeup queen says that the highlighter should be put on the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose, and Cupid's bow.

Do Not Wear Concealer Onthe Forehead

She states, "I used to conceal my forehead, but I no longer do so." I believe that having a cakey forehead reveals that you are wearing makeup. Instead, she applies concealer under her eyes, along her nose bridge, and on her chin, then blends it with a Beauty Blender before setting it with powder.

Hide Dark UnderEyes By Combining Different Shades

Kylie says that she hides the dark circles under her eyes by mixing two shades of concealer. She uses a concealer with a pink undertone to cover up the blue spot, then a concealer with a beige undertone to match the rest of her face.

Blend Perfectly

Kylie has disclosed the most effective method for preventing cakey foundation. Before applying powder, moisten your beauty blender for optimal results. Remember blending is the key to beautiful and flawless makeup.

Double Up EyeshadowAs Liner

Kylie enjoys trying out different makeup looks. As a result, when she gets tired of wearing black eyeliner, she switches to bright and bold colors. In such cases, her eye shadow palette comes in handy. She then uses an angled liner brush and the desired shadow to create a colorful wing. This is one of Kylie Jenner's makeup tips that can be very useful for those who want to try out new products without spending a lot of money.

Use Brown Mascara On Your Lower Lash Line

Kylie likes to keep the focus on her upper lashes, so she uses brown mascara to define her lower lashes. She says that black mascara makes this part of the face look too harsh.

Baking Technique

Kylie contours her face using the most popular baking technique on the Internet. She is unable to apply makeup without it! Baking is a technique that involves applying loose powder to the face and allowing it to "bake" for a few minutes. It is intended to beautifully set makeup, but Kylie uses it to enhance her cheek contour. It is not necessary to use a great deal of shading powder!


Kylie Jenner's makeup look is popular among all girls and women. With the help of our blog, you can get the Kylie Jenner makeup glow. It's not that difficult there are just a few tricks you need to learn and get a beautiful Kylie makeup glow. We hope this blog may be helpful to you. 

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