Ways to Style a Lemon Dress for a Perfect Summer Look

By Frank Mitchell  •  On 16 Jun 2023

When summer comes around, the heat it brings is nearly unbearable. The change from winter to summer seriously affects how you live, eat and dress. Not only do we change the way we eat but also the way we dress, as it impacts everything around us. People prefer lighter colors to beat the heat and to look cool at the same time. Lemon-colored dress is one such selection that outperforms many other colors for people who want to carry a stunning look in summer. 

The selection makes sense as it can be styled in so many ways. However, not everyone knows how to style it to perfection. If you also want to have some amazing ideas on how to style your lemon dress, look no further. I will share some ideas to style a lemon dress for all summer occasions.

Some Easy Ways To Style A Lemon Dress

Stunning Jewelry Pieces

Gold Jewelry
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Jewelry alongside a lemon dress looks amazing. Whether the jewelry is gold or silver, it looks absolutely amazing with a lemon dress. You can wear a lemon dress with a metal clutch and silver sandals to look glamorous in a yellow dress. You can wear earrings and necklaces to accessorize your lemon-yellow dress. 

Killer Combination of Red and Yellow

Red Bag
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The combination of red and yellow is an absolute masterpiece. Red and yellow make a very beautiful combination that blasts away all the competition. You can always style your lemon dress with a classic red bag or a contemporary red piece of jewelry. Red brings that spark to the yellow dress and looks trendy as well. 

Different Bags Alongside White or Beige Accessories

Straw Bag
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Some people do not like the dissimilarity between two colors, so if you’re one of these people, no need to worry. You can accessorize your lemon yellow dress with a bag, such as a straw bag. A straw bag looks absolutely amazing with your lemon-yellow dress and makes you look fabulous with minimal effort. Do not forget to add a few white accessories, such as a bracelet, hat, or some rings. 

Colored Sunglasses

Pink Sunglasses
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Colored sunglasses are my favorite, as you can come up with some fantastic color combinations to work with a lemon dress. The colors pink and yellow are a combination that is nearly unmatched by all others. It is a combo you can wear with many different accessories, my personal favorite being sunglasses. Sunglasses are an easy way to look good with extreme ease. You can wear a lemon dress with many colored sunglasses,such as light purple, peach, green and more. 

Black and Yellow Combos

Black Heels
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The black-yellow contrast is a pretty good styling option. This is a combination not too over the top but not too bad as well. It is a good option to look nice with minimal effort. You can style your dress with black glasses, a black bag, Heels or a stunning neckpiece in black. 

Accessorizing with the Color Blue

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The combination of yellow and blue is truly amazing. You can style your lemon dress with accessories of the color blue. You can wear blue sandals, a denim jacket, and some blue jeans to complete the look. You can also play around with blue pieces of jewelry to complement your look. 

Accessorizing with the Color White

Metallic Clutch
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You can customize your yellow outfit with the universally used color, white. White is a color that does not create a hard dissimilarity with the color pink, so just about any white accessory can be worn with your dress. You can wear white sandals or other jewelry, which can be made of white gold. This color is one of the simplest and most stylish colors of them all. You can also wear a metallic clutch or handbag, which would complete the look. 

Lemon Dress Consisting of Different Prints and Patterns

Printed Lemon Dress
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Any dress, whether it be white or lemon yellow, looks absolutely amazing when it consists of patterns. Lemon dresses can be worn with different patterns, such as a floral pattern which makes them look stunning. The pattern itself can be called an accessory as it makes the person look extremely stylish. If you want to, you can also wear jewelry, as it pairs well with lemon yellow and looks even better with the patterns. 


Well, these are some ways to style your lemon dress in some unique ways. These outfits will make you stand out in a crowd, whether at a family event or a school reunion. When wearing a lemon yellow dress, just remember to style while having fun, or what’s the point? The reason you style yourself is for fun and to look good. So, I hope these tips will help you to pull off a stylish look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors go with lemon?

Colors that go amazingly well with lemon dresses include multiple different shades of blue, whether sky blue, sea blue, or electric blue. You can also wear black, red, white, or even pink accessories if you’re only trying to accessorize.

How do you make a summer dress look fancy?

The easiest way to make a summer dress look fancy is to accessorize. Accessorize your summer dress with a necklace or a bracelet, and you can also wear rings. Mixing and matching different colors with your summer dress, such as black color, is a way to make your dress look fancy. You can also add layers, such as wearing a cardigan or a denim jacket, to make your dress look more thought-out and make it fancier.

What color accessories go with a yellow dress?

Pretty much any accessory, whether it be jewelry, a hat, or a handbag, goes well with a yellow dress. Belts also pair well with yellow dresses. You can choose many colors, such as white, black, blue, and more, to accessorize your dress more than it is already.

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