5 Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits To Elevate Your Wardrobe

By Frank Mitchell  •  On 21 Jun 2023

Taylor Swift, a singer, and songwriter who has won multiple Grammy Awards, has been a constant source of inspiration for us in terms of fashion ever since she made her stage debut in 2006. 53% of US adults are fans of Taylor Swift. Therefore we combed through the archives to find photographs of Taylor's best outfits from her 16 years in the music industry so that we could compile a photo album of her street style, red-carpet gowns, and statement accessories. This album features photographs of Taylor's best outfits from her 16 years in the music industry.

It should not come as a surprise that Taylor's style reflects the aesthetic of the album that was released during that period. Taylor has stated that listening to her songs and albums is like reading her diary.

To create Taylor Swift inspired outfits from all of these different eras, I threw myself headfirst into a Taylor Swift vortex. Were listened to every album, watched all of her videos, and read through the press she did for each album.

Amazing Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits

Here we have 5 most beautiful Taylor Swift inspired outfits:

Houndstooth Honey

Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits
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It's not always a bad idea to keep things simple and let a single component take center stage. Swift was aware of the instructions and dressed appropriately for the occasion by layering a houndstooth blazer over a chic all-black ensemble. She also opted to accessorize her look with a satin black face mask.

Midnights Album By Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits

Taylor Swift Inspired Outifts
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You could say that Taylor Swift's most recent album, Midnights, conjures up images of the 1970s, complete with purple eyeshadow, shaggy hair, and shag coats. The singer known as "Anti-Hero" changed into two different outfits for the conclusion of her Eras Tour setlist. 

The first was a bejeweled dark purple fringe leotard, and the second was a sparkly T-shirt dress that was topped with a lavender fur jacket that was dripping in crystals. Both of these outfits were worn with knee-high Christian Louboutin rhinestone boots. Even though you may not go to that extra (or designer) length, the color palette is a simple place to begin.

Lover Album By Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits

Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits
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The Lover is the album that Taylor Swift fans have been waiting to hear live since 2019, and it features pop anthems such as "Cruel Summer" as well as a swoony ballad with the same title. Pink, pastel tie-dye, and fringe jackets were all the rage during this era that was obsessed with love. Swift made quite a splash in her opening outfit for the second night of the Eras Tour. 

It was a custom Atelier Versace bodysuit covered in blue and gold rhinestones and silver knee-high boots by Christian Louboutin. She cheekily layered a matching rhinestone Versace blazer on top for her performance of "The Man."

Purple Pantsuit

Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits
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At the screening of the short film "All Too Well," which Taylor attended, she wowed us with an incredibly stylish look by donning an eggplant-colored velvet suit. Because TS adores booties, she chose to dress for this occasion in a pair of black leather booties with a pointed toe and a heel.

1989 Album By Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits 

Taylor Swift Inspired Outfits
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Taylor abandoned her country roots in 1989 and transitioned into pop music, and her "red-lipped, classic" style reflected this. Swift performed fan favorites "Blank Space" and "Wildest Dreams" on the second night of the Eras Tour while wearing a Kelly green beaded skirt and crop top. During her New York City synth-pop era in the 1980s, she was known for wearing two-piece outfits.

Wear a two-piece set of any color, a sequined bomber jacket à la 1989 World Tour, or recreate one of the looks from the "Shake It Off" music video.


Adding outfits to your wardrobe that are inspired by Taylor Swift can lend an air of sophistication, allure, and even a dash of whimsy to your overall look. You can elevate your style and create outfits that reflect your personality and love for her music by drawing inspiration from her iconic looks and creating outfits that you can wear. Keep in mind that fashion is all about self-expression; therefore, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment and put your spin on these different outfits.

We hope you may love all these Taylor Swift inspired outfits!

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